Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Road To Ruby Pin by Bob Ferngren

The Road to Ruby....Ruby Pin pays an extra $81,000 a year, please let your Leader know if you would like to earn your Ruby Pin by Success School.
The Plan for Ruby
1. get on products, become a distributor, get to Advisor asap.
1a. help others get on product, become distributors and get to Advisor asap.
2. as an Advisor NEVER have less than $1,000 PGV (it maximizes your pay), become a Star Leg for your sponsor. A Star Leg is $3,000 in volume from you down (your volume plus your Advisors)
2a. help your Advisors ALWAYS have a minimum of $1,000 PGV and become Star Legs for you.
3. Earn your Silver Pin. Get on Leads.
3a. Help 3-4 people on your Team earn their Silver Pin and get on Leads.
4. Earn National Leadership
4a. Help people on your Team earn National Leadership
5. Pick up your Ruby Pin at Success School in August.
If that plan is all new to you and you WANT income and Ruby Pin, call your sponsor today. She/he will put together a personal plan with you, guaranteed to get results.
In the mean time 2 pay periods left to earn Leads....earning Leads NOW, get you Leads during the AdvoCare 500.
If you have not yet, join the FaceBook page "AdvoCare 500...The Road to Ruby!" lots of good stuff there.
New Pay Period....what do you want?